Run, DMC, Jam Master Jay: Behind The Music Video Biography

We have a Run DMC and Jam Master Jay Behind The Music biography produced within the past year by Jason Goodman. This documentary is a solid 46 minutes about the rise, fame, drama, and pitfalls of one of the greatest Hip Hop super-groups of all time.

There is much to be happy about their success, but Run DMC’s friendship and family affair took a tremendous hit to this very day. It is a damn shame to see the uninspiring casualty of their friendship fall from grace, and it is disturbing to me revisiting the death of one of the baddest live DJs ever.

Let this be a lesson to always be your brother’s keeper because real friends are priceless. But let me be very clear, your real friends are the family you have with sirens blazing when you go through the fire.

Enough said.

You can watch the entire video right here!


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