Scratch: Watch The Full Length Feature Documentary Free!

Attention all Hip Hop DJs, turntablists, and culture fanatics. Today, we have a special full featured presentation of the famous turntablism documentary, Scratch! This is a must have DVD to own in your Hip Hop culture video archives. I do not need to say more other than who is in it! If you never seen it before you just missed out. After you finish watching this flick you will be wondering why American rappers today do not associate with them. Well, it is because they either do not know their roots, don’t care, or don’t have the skills to flow with a live DJ cutting up.

Having no live DJ is one out of many reasons why these current rappers are called Sucker MCs! Yet, that is all together another story I will soon be writing about. Stay tuned.

In the meantime enjoy the beauty and creative adventures of Hip Hop DJs living the culture of digging crates, cutting, mixing, and scratching for the perfect beat!

The legendary line up includes the inventor of the scratch technique, Grandwizard Theodore, Grand Mixer DXT, DJ Jazzy Jay, Q Bert, Mix Master Mike, Shadow, Craze, Steinski, Roc Raida, Rob Swift, Total Eclipse, Mista Sinista, Nu Mark, Yoga Frog, Afrika Bambaata, and the Jurassic 5…just to name a few!

Watch this film. Enjoy this film. Learn from this film. Then go own this film for its bonus features. It is very essential to your Hip Hop culture video collection. The only thing I wish was included in this film was involving Grandmaster Flash. His invention of the Quick Mix Theory was a catalyst in the invention of scratching due to cutting the breaks.

I will leave you with these words from Grandwizard Theodore to meditate on:

“You have to know where Hip Hop has been to know where it is going. You have to. You have to.”

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