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Tuff City Graff Gallery The Bronx, Hip Hop, graffiti, wild styleYou know, I wonder if most Graff writers believe that a white wall or a train (either commuter or freight) is the number one surface for their creations. I sure as hell hope not, but I must admit that I do at times get the impression that it’s the only medium writers can think of. Well, I’m gonna make an attempt to help you think beyond the wall and the train. Follow me on tour down these avenues for ideas that you may not have thought of.

Have you ever thought about opening up your own Graffiti art gallery or festival in your home town?

Cope 2, Graff Toy, Munny doll, graffiti, hip hopIt may not just benefit you, but it could help out other Graff writers in your city as well. Do your research first and remember, “location, location, location.” Take the next right with me down this other avenue of ideas.

Ever thought about designing your own Graff software?

I am not sure how it would function, but I’m sure you can come up with something creative.There are some programs out there already, but not as sophisticated as I hoped to see. How about professional software customized for Graff artists only?

Let’s proceed forward and take the second left to this next avenue for more ideas.

Has any one of you thought about getting into web designing? I mean wouldn’t it be cool to see a Graff style template for a website? There is not many out there.

Alright, let’s keep going straight to the first right and then make the third left down another avenue. How about one of you out there who are reading this think about starting your own spray can company?

I mean who ever said that Montana, Molotow,  Krylon and Rust-o-leum has to be the only companies to dominate the market. You could design your own spray can nozzles strictly for Graff writers. Just think of how many spray cans you go through doing a burner. Do you see how much money you could make?

Let’s continue to the very next right for more ideas.

Do you know that nobody has ever thought of starting a Graff vinyl-wrap company? There is so much money to be made in advertising and vehicle designing but not many writers are doing it? Imagine a dope ride blazing with a piece on the side!

If any of these uncommon ideas appeal to any of you, be sure to first do your research thoroughly. Make sure that you acquire a business lawyer to help protect your creation.

Now tell me, can you now see beyond that train or white wall?

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