Subject Matters

Has anyone notice that it seems rappers of today have few subject matters to rap about? They either have what I call skirt chasing lyrics, political lyrics, or material lyrics. I can’t be the only one who wants to give their lyrics the benefit of the doubt, but I always end up tuning them out! What they talk about (whenever I’m able to hear what they are articulating) just simply bores the Hell outta me!


Maybe their creativity is limited when it should be limitless. Maybe they just want to be followers when they should be trendsetters.

I mean, how many times and different ways can a rapper tell the world how hard it is in the ghetto and “F” the police; meanwhile they’re living ghetto fabulous and fly?

How many times and ways can a rapper beg for sex on the microphone, boast the pimp card on what they can do to you in the bedroom; meanwhile they are raising a family of their own like a good father should?

Writer´s blockHow many times and ways can a rapper proclaim what he or she has and, how much more they have than the next rapper; meanwhile they’re dissing their own fans for hating on them for their imaginary success that has yet to be achieved?

Here’s what I advise all up and coming rappers to do with their subject matter.

First, be sure about who you wanna be with your career! Are you going to be a follower or a trendsetter? I hope to God you choose to be a trendsetter because trendsetters don’t just set the trends. They also set the balance that is great and necessary for the rap world!

Second, you must be daring to write rhymes about things that others have yet to write about, and you must dig deeper into what has already been done. I’m not here to tell you what these subject matters are to be rapped about. That is all on you and your creativity as an artist or emcee. That is your responsibility.

Third, remember to always believe in the subject matter that you’re writing about so that the attention to your rhymes can be highly paid in full. After all, you’re not writing your rhymes for nothing. Make every line count!

The subject matters!

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  1. good site. Love writing

  2. good site. Love writing

  3. good site. Love writing

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