The Best of Style Wars

I found these You Tube videos posted by the ID of Pinten and Dannylee78 titled Best of Style Wars and Style Wars Interview. Style Wars is a prolific documentary, by Tony Silver (whom recently passed) and Henry Chalfant, of not only Graffiti artists but Old School Hip Hop‘s roots. Released in 1983 on public television, the art and burners scene through out the film are quite notorious thanks to the Graff bible, Subway Art by Henry Chalfant and Martha Cooper. This film is now found as a DVD special collector’s edition. No true school head can claim their love for Hip Hop without owning a copy of Style Wars. All new jacks can learn a thing or two about Hip Hop’s roots if they study this film. A tree is nothing without knowing its roots.

Toys will never be authentic Graff artists without studying from the original masters like Iz the Wiz, Skeme, Lee, Seen, Lady Pink, Kase2, Dondi, and the infamous mural that titled the film, Style Wars, by N.O.C. The film’s soundtrack includes Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, Ramellzee, The Treacherous Three and even Trouble Funk. I get pumped up about Hip Hop everytime I see it because it is honest, raw, and real! Check out a glimpse from below!



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