The Best Way An Unknown MC Must Self-Promote: Part 2

Now it’s time to build your name out there. It will take you and your DJ‘s efforts to complete the rest on your own. That step would be to go live and practice in front of a small audience for your development.

To do this you should collaborate in a group effort with others and rent a community center or recreation hall and throw a party. You can even charge at the door or take donations just to cover expenses. If you can, take it outdoors to a park pavilion or block party when you are ready for a larger crowd. Remember this is about developing live mic skills during a neighborhood jam.

Jurassic 5 Also, before the day of the event, verify the fire alarm works and the exit signs are bright at the community center. This includes knowing the max capacity limits. The last thing you want is some Fire Marshall crashing your show. I am not kidding about this part or this will all be a waste of time and money!

When you promote the party just keep it simple. Create graffiti style flyers and pass them out at high schools, colleges, or at your local mall or shopping center. Deliver the flyers where the people flock the most like basketball courts and barbershops. Most importantly, make sure you are inviting more females to attend than males and never charge them. You will definitely build a better audience.

When the hall gets crowded, thank the crowd for coming, introduce your DJ and yourself, and encourage the crowd to have a great time. Now here is the most important part during the event; every half an hour the DJ must play a track from the demo, and throughout the course of the night you emcee live routines with the DJ. This allows for both of you to build chemistry and practice for bigger shows down the road. This is to help you develop live mic skills, crowd motivation techniques, and good habits. Hopefully, half of your routines are rhymes over live break beats by the DJ. If not, you better learn how.

Mos Def live Party after party, when you are confident enough, you can begin developing your reputation by going live at various clubs and practice in front of paying clientele. This particular crowd will be complete strangers to you. This is where the rubber hits the road.  Burn or get burned! Remember you have to control the thermostat and move the crowd. They are only there to party so give them one!

In the process, be diligent and network you and your DJ’s efforts until you get into the bigger clubs. Make sure you are recording all of your shows in audio or video, too. This is evidence of your performances and crowd reaction. You can also use these recordings as game film to study your strengths and weaknesses. Promoting in front of a live audience is a litmus test for knowing your product’s affect on the consumer. Guess what? You are the product so make sure you are always selling live.

There is nothing like getting the respect of your community and eventually the whole region supporting you, but make sure the people always come first. There is no ancient Chinese secret. Just please the crowd then sell yourself.

And always remember, an MC is born live in the streets and not the studio.

Murs – L.A. at Rock the Bells Release Party by gailallday.


Beastie Boys sucker mc´s by agentc


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