The Ghost of the Solo MCs

Did you know one of the last times I physically saw an MC up on stage by himself was in the 1980’s. I was watching LL Cool J giving a full Hip Hop performance for one hour and fifteen minutes! He did it all by Himself! But the very last time I actually saw an MC up on stage performing by himself was on television. It was Rakim performing “I Know You Got Soul” on Showtime Live at the Apollo.

Here’s my big question, “Am I ever going to see a solo rapper on stage and give a full Hip Hop performance by Himself again?”

I ask this because what I now witness in rap music today are solo rappers jumping on stage to perform, but they are never by themselves! They always have a back up man or entourage screaming and being disruptive to the song. Has it become a law for one who declares himself, or herself, a solo rapper to have on stage back ups? I mean, Hell, make up your damn minds! Am I watching a group or a solo rapper perform?

If you claim to be a solo rapper, then what the Hell do you need back ups for? If you really got skills, then hold your own!


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