The Graffiti Bible, Subway Art, Is Online Right Here!

Thanks to the blog at Write4Gold for this info, we got great but old news for all of Graff-dom! The infamous book that inspired and gave birth to Graff Writers around the world, Subway Art, can be read online! As a matter of fact you can read it right here at the bottom of this article! Subway Art has been available on by member CedricB since February 2008, but you can never stop sharing the love!

61H8GY2N32L. SL160  The Graffiti Bible, Subway Art, Is Online Right Here!Tell your homeboys and show them toys the original Graff bible of Hip Hop. No Writer or enthusiast should be without a copy or lack the knowledge of the grand daddy of all Graff media, Subway Art, by Martha Cooper and Henry Chalfant. If you do not own a copy of this (including Wild Style and Style Wars) you ain’t down by law! I have owned a copy for over 20 years, and I am looking at it right now on my shelf next to my desktop. That is how close I keep it to my heart!

I am excited to share this virtual copy that you can read anytime if you are just kickin’ it at a Wi-Fi spot sippin’ a cup of coffee. Sometimes you just got to go back in time to embrace your roots. The past plus the present equals the future. You feel me?

51elgcYUkEL. SL160  The Graffiti Bible, Subway Art, Is Online Right Here!One of the illest writers in the book is Kase 2 explaining his alternative wild style lettering, Computer Style. I love reading his quotes where he says his style is “fifth-dimensional step parallel staircase…Like I take a knife and cut it, and slice, you know, I’ll slice it to my own section and I’ll call it Computer Style.” I bug out every time I see his hard-posing photo in the book. He also had memorable scenes in Style Wars, too.

Pure Classic goodness being shared with all of our Brothers and Sisters around the world!


51X0W06SR8L. SL500  The Graffiti Bible, Subway Art, Is Online Right Here!

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  1. griffiti rocks dude desdine

  2. griffiti rocks dude desdine

  3. griffiti rocks dude desdine

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