The King of Hip-Pop

King of Hip PopLadies and Gentlemen, little did I know that the recording industry was nine months pregnant! Therefore because of this fact, I must man-up and extend my congratulations to the industry for giving birth to a brand new musical genre, but the sad part is this; the industry has yet to give it a name?

So I tell you what I’ll do, from the kindness of my heart, I will volunteer to give it a name! Party people in the place, from this day forth, I would like to give this new sound in the recording industry a title. It is a name I hope you will like.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the name of this new sound, henceforth, shall be called…  Hip-Pop!!!

[The crowd roars:] Yaaaayyy!!!

Although, it’s weak as a new born chicken, and becoming just as popular as the “N” word; Hip-Pop has sneaked up on all of us like today’s high gas prices.

Lil Wayne's Throne of Hip PopNow we all know that the recording industry loves to have a crowned ruler for each of its categories. Elvis was the King of Rock and Roll (although Little Richard self-proclaims to be the Architect of Rock and Roll, and that it was stolen from him.)  James Brown was the Godfather of Soul. Aretha Franklin is the Queen of Soul. Loretta Lynn was known as the First Lady of Country Music. Michael Jackson is the King of Pop. Kurtis Blow is the King of Rap.

However, after saying all of that, did you know that Hip-Pop has a King, too? Oh yes!!! There is a man right now as you’re reading this, who is sitting on the toilet (a.k.a. the throne) overseeing his iddy-biddy island of Hip-Pop!

Who is such a man that we should be honoring as the reigning King of Hip-Pop? Well you know what they say, curiosity killed the cat. Then let us not commit murder shall we?

Ladies and Gentlemen, your Royal Highness of Hip-Pop is (drum roll, please)…Little Wayne!!! [echoes]: Wayne – WayneWayneWayne

Lil Wayne King of Hip-POPNow after we sweep up the confetti and burst all the balloons filled with hot air (provided by the King himself), allow me to tell you how I feel about this particular character. Now, I’m not talking about the man, Mr. Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., because the truth to the matter is that I don’t know that person. I’m talking about Lil’ Wayne, the character that He proudly displays.

I will go on record to say this, I do not like the character Lil’ Wayne. I find him highly boring and non-talented. I mean there’s nothing magnetic about him. First and foremost, it’s not just that he can’t rap, he doesn’t rap! Instead he mumbles most if not all of his words. I’m not sure about you, but I can’t understand a damn thing he utters!

The character does not represent true Hip Hop. In my view, he does not have street credibility (or style for that matter.) He had something when he was with his original group, the Hot Boys. But when he went solo, in my opinion, he has completely lost it.  Every song he does now is all Pop music; Hip-Pop music.

The one thing that he does very well in the recording industry is self-marketing. The character is in damn near every music video that’s out today. He is original (I’ll give him that much) because to reign supreme in your own Hip-Pop sound is from being original. You don’t see anyone else doing the same thing in Hip-Pop, do you?

No matter how hard Lil’ Wayne tries, He will never be marked as the Greatest Rapper of All Times. Hell! If anything, he may go down as the complete opposite; the Very Worst Rapper of All Times. So whenever you see the character Lil’ Wayne via music video (or God forbid, live in concert) be sure to respect His royalty and say “All Hail to the King!!”

After all, He does deserve to wear that crown. Does he not?

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3 Responses to “The King of Hip-Pop”

  1. I've heard this 'hip-pop' phrase before but I don't like it as it sound too much like HipHop and phonetically would lead to misunderstanding, also its nothing new at all just more 'pop' with a little 'rapping' or slurring added into it.

  2. Slurring is right. I do agree!

  3. Slurring is right. I do agree!

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