Toys Crew: Denmark’s Call of the Wild Style

It is the call of the wild style, and traditionally Graff Writers will hook up in crews like a pack of wolves roaming the night. A crew is exactly like any other team or company focusing on a common goal to get the job done. They choose their pieces, pick their target, establish the plan, agree to the tasks, enter, execute, bomb, and finally exit like vapor.

Mission accomplished!

Sometimes a crew can be an assembly of two or more crews as well, yet the process is still the same as always. It is methodical like any other production whether it is legal or illegal. The goal is to make a quality piece proud enough to sign your name for fame.

In a crew, everybody has a job to do. It is a spray can orchestra. Believe that!

Some crew members are stronger at rockin’ outlines and some with fills. Some are stronger at painting accents and highlights while some are better with 3D and shadows. And then there are those who are there for the thrill who are only good at keeping watch [which is very important of course.]

Everyone has a strength to cover another brother’s weakness, and that is what makes a solid crew.You can easily spot a solid crew because, after time, they will operate soundly like a well oiled Fortune 500 corporation, and their evidence is by its quality of work.

And, yes, we are back in Europe with quality work from Denmark’s own Toys Crew! Do not let the name fool you because this crew ain’t a bunch of toys These non-amateurs are those roaming wolves who are actually toying with you!

You are going to love how these brothers laid it down on these videos! Their structure is tight� and intricate. I am personally indulging their work because their pieces are living and breathing pure neon gas! This is classic wild style at its honest incarnation; mutating letters breaking out of an asylum of two dimensional incarceration!

These dude are burning some serious aerosol hieroglyphics! Check out the following Toys Crew videos posted by Dae120 and their black book replica website,� It is worth your time indeed!

Attention all writers and crews: if you got videos and websites worthy for the world to sweat, contact us! It is an injustice to the international culture of Hip Hop if we all don’t get to see it!







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