Videos from the Hip Hop 360 Festival in Canada

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For your enjoyment, here are three YouTube videos uploaded by the author HipHop360Video. This new footage covers the Hip Hop 360 Festival that took place in Ottawa, Canada from June 11-15, 2008. The festival is a joint effort between The House of Paint community and the Canada Dance Festival. The House of Paint is an organization of independent artists, groups and business members, coming together every year to throw a jam for their community according to their website.

More newsworthy information about the 2008 Hip Hop Festival 360 and House of Paint can be read in this article by the Ottawa XPress. There is much celebration of Hip Hop’s four elements during this festival, and the following videos below show much collaboration of B-Boying from many enthusiasts as seen below!

Enjoy the Flavor!

Hip Hop 360 Festival video #1


Hip Hop 360 Festival video #2


Hip Hop 360 Festival video #3


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