Weeds in Hip Hop

Now now, slow your roll, Y’all! This ain’t a chronic parable that you’re about read. What you are about read is Old School Scholar’s meaning of the term weeds in Hip Hop.

The Blind Leading The Blind In Hip HopYou see, in my opinion, this is the number one problem in Hip Hop today. We all understand if someone who has never driven a car, must first take driving lessons to get a license to do so. The same thing goes for flying an aircraft or even when someone installs a new ceiling fan, they must first read the instructions and learn. Well Hip Hop is no different! This blind leading the blind era of Hip Hop damn sure ain’t going anywhere!

This is where you’ll find our description of a weed in Hip Hop. A weed is a person who tries to evolve within the culture without knowing its history. You see there’s a whole lotta up-and-coming Hip Hop heads who either don’t know, or don’t care to learn, study, and know the history of Hip Hop culture. They have no idea how highly important it is to study the history. The more history you study and learn, the more roots you’ll acquire in order to grow strong like an oak tree.

Some out there will say,

“Man, I ain’t got time for that! Besides, where would I get the necessary information from?”

Look, don’t be crazy and lazy. We at Old School Scholar are here! Feel free to ask any of us! I tell you what. Let me give you your first principle assignment in case you can’t hear me, okay? Your assignment is simply this; go ask anyone who’s at least twenty years older than you,

“Is it true that a person without history is like a tree without roots?”

Kool Herc and Afrika Bambaataa - Hip Hop's Roots

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