What Hip Hop Means To You: The 7 Questions Of Culture Series

Before we have recently refaced the Old School Scholar website, and produced Old School Hip Hop Mega Mix Two, we have been planning a special culture series for our global audience. This ongoing series will feature interviews from many people who live, love, and participate in the Hip Hop culture. We will be interviewing everyone and anyone from all walks of lives around the world regarding their passion for Hip Hop.

We at Old School Scholar Hip Hop Culture and Music believe there are indeed five elements in Hip Hop. Some say there are even several more, but to not complicate things we believe in the four essential pillars of Hip Hop and its foundation those pillars must depend on. Without this fifth element to the culture the other four elements will fall. No, we are not talking about beat-boxing because we believe that is part of the emcee element.

The fifth element of Hip Hop is its own people. The Hip Hop culture began with its people, lives from its people, and it will truly die with its people if they no longer exist. Yes, we the people of the Hip Hop culture are the fifth element!

Real Hip Hop has always been about its people. An example is when a member of its family strays away from the fifth element, it loses its power from the roots and becomes a prodigal thing. This is no different than when a blossom falls from a tree and withers away, or when oxygen is removed from a flame.

This series of The 7 Questions of Culture will truly feature the people of Hip Hop including bloggers, artists, writers, beat makers, athletes, fashion designers, barbers, emcees, dancers, activists, legends, pioneers, and everyday regular people like you and me. We all have different perspectives, lives, and experiences as individuals of Hip Hop that needs to be heard and understood. You and I may not always agree with the responses, but that is the beauty of this series. It is about real people of the culture expressing their feelings, facts, fusion, and fun in the Hip Hop culture.

I personally have been tired of reading the crap in the major media portals, and “so called” Hip Hop magazines, about material fluff and shallow responses from celebrities who have no true substance. One reason why their crap is so piss-poor is due to the fact these portals do not really represent our culture or its people. It is just gossip to sell advertising space. Forget about the junk on television. There is never anyone of real Hip Hop getting their chance to speak.

You will never see MTV giving Dead Prez or Afrika Bambaataa 60 minutes to speak their minds unedited. Hell, I remember how MTV always tried to keep Ed Lover from speaking his mind on Yo! MTV Raps.

This series will begin this week, and if any of our readers wish to contribute their answers to The 7 Questions of Culture series, please submit to the FRESHH Symposium located in the menu. If your content is good and edifying then maybe we will post it. Please contribute 7 answers from your heart and mind for the sake of the Hip Hop culture and not your salivation to shine your ego. This series is not just for you but for the world of Hip Hop. Be inspiring and transparent.


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