Who’s Really In Charge?

How many times have you heard the question “Who’s in charge here?” I ask that very question when pondering the nonsense that passes for rap music today.

Back in the day, you could really tell who was in charge. Each act had its own unique style, look, sound, etc. Run-DMC didn’t look like Whodini who didn’t sound like UTFO who were nothing like Doug E Fresh and the Get Fresh Crew . Each crew, MC, and DJ put a lot of thought and care into crafting their own signature sound and persona that set them apart. Which leads me to ask the question concerning (c)rap music now, “Who’s in charge here?”

You can’t tell me that all these guys set out to be a bunch of clones? Braids, dreads, uncombed Afros, oversized tees, jeans hanging off their waist; how can you possibly tell the difference? And when it comes to music and lyrics, it’s all-interchangeable. They all say the same thing. They’re fooled into assuming that they’re calling the shots. They actually believe they’re in control of the content they put out and the style of clothes they wear.

You know what I believe? They’re all conforming to the template laid out for them by the corporate machine to perpetuate the cycle of garbage cluttering up the airwaves.Rap Music Today is a Corporate Chain Gang

“You want a record deal? Want to be famous, clock mad dollars, and have a honey for every day of the week? Dress like this, rap this way and you can’t go wrong, partner! Just do what the last dude with the last big hit did and you’ll be large!”

You cowards are afraid to make a stand and be unique. Actually, you might lack the intelligence to be unique. Lack of intelligence makes the perfect lackey.

That’s just my opinion, but I think I’m right!

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