Write 4 Gold: The World’s Largest Graff Battle!

We have quite a few prestigious competitions, battles and tournaments worldwide for Hip Hop. For B-Boys we have the grandest tournament, Battle of the Year. For DJ turntablism there is the hard earned DMC World DJ Championships, and for MCs there were many that have come and gone like the historic New Music Seminar. Today, we now have the million dollar prize up for grabs at the brand new World Series of Hip Hop in Atlanta, Georgia, September 27, 2008.

It is great we have these international battling forums for B-Boys, DJs, and MCs, but how about the Writers?

Well guess what? There is one, and it has been rocking in Europe with great participation since 2003. Have you ever heard of Write 4 Gold? It is coined as the World’s Largest Graff Battle! Unfortunately, as a North American I have not known of it until now, but there was one 2006 bracket in the USA that produced a third place winner in the finals; NYC’s BAD Crew. If you live in North, South, Central America and Asia you probably did not know of it either, but I can tell you this… it is friggin’ lovely!

The Nasty: Terrible T-Kid 170 - Hip Hop  GraffWrite4Gold just recently occurred Saturday, July 12, 2008 in Leipzig, Germany, crowning the top three winners from New Zealand (TMD Crew), Denmark (Copenhagen Connection), and Romania (Gipsy Kings). There are four categories to compete in this event per crew, and the battles are done by Throw Ups, Tagging, Sketching, and the ultimate battle, Concept Painting a burner. The crew with the highest scoring percentage in each category (60 percent from Concept Painting) will win the grand prize as the overall best. Judges consist of various Graff legends like USA’s T-Kid 170 and Germany’s Poet.

I believe in due time, Write4Gold can easily expand ten-fold with the other nations involved. Imagine that! Japanese Rackgaki versus Chilean fire! A crew from San Francisco battling a crew from Rio! Buenos Aires versus Toronto! Miami versus Madrid! Prague taking on Mexico City! This can easily happen in the near future!

Petition for this to happen by contacting Write4Gold, and help their organization petition for more sponsors in each region to make this happen! This is not impossible in the foreseeable future. Maybe Red Bull can support Graff battling, too!

To see why I believe in this international competition for Graff Writing, check out these videos here from the following posters who honor these crews and the event itself; Parizshow and CensorNO!

Write 4 Gold- Worlds Finals


Write for gold Italy 2008 pictures


Write for gold Italy 2008 pictures PART 2


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